When selecting spindles for buffing, finishing or polishing applications, you want a spindle that will allow the tool to gently glide over the finished part. Therefore, it’s important to spec high-speed spindles that feature high RPMs and low horsepower (HP) for nominal torque. Dynomax offers a multitude of high-speed spindles to finish your jobs.

Below are examples of Dynomax buffing/finishing/polishing spindles designed primarily for foundry applications. Don’t see what you need? Not a problem. Try our innovative Spindle Creator. Give us your required specs, and we’ll send you a quote that meets your particular needs.

Model HSE 090B-810854

Model HSE 090B-810854

Spindle Stats

  • Drive: High-speed Motorized
  • Speed: 18,000 RPM Maximum
  • Power: 10 HP Maximum
  • Tooling: HSK-A63 Hydraulic
  • Cooling: Liquid