Cables & More - Make Your Spindle "Plug and Play"


Why risk damaging your new spindle by improperly supplying it with power? Let Dynomax provide you with the highest quality power and signal cables designed exclusively for your spindle.

All Dynomax cables are manufactured from the finest components in our state of the art Chicagoland facility. Tested and terminated to any requested length, all cables are IP65 rated and guaranteed to work right out of the box. For a hassle free "plug and play" solution, be sure to order genuine Dynomax cables with your new spindle.

Air Filtration

Providing your spindle system with reliable air is crucial to long-term life. Eliminate harmful contaminates such as moisture, dust, and dirt before they enter your spindle system. Useful for spindles equipped with air purge seals and pneumatic tool change systems, air filtration devices can be a vital part of any precision spindle package.