Custom Spindle Capabilities

Our Spindles do pretty much everything.

Dynomax has developed hundreds of modular spindles tailored to meet stringent engineering requirements.

Our spindles are designed to meet required performance features:

  • Desired Spindle Power: Peak and Continuous
  • Maximum Spindle Load: Axial and Radial
  • Maximum Spindle Speed Allowed
  • Flexible Tooling Style, Size and Capacity for ATC
  • Robotic Limitations

Compatibility with multiple applications including:

  • Milling Spindles
  • Turning Spindles
  • Grinding Spindles
  • Boring Spindles
  • Drilling Spindles

Developed as intelligent and innovative products, all Dynomax spindles are modular in design, allowing for quick customizations and upgrades.

Have a special application? Tell us what you need, and we'll design and build just the right spindle to do the job.