Spindle Enhancements

From Old to New

To thrive today, companies need to utilize their equipment above and beyond expectations. Spindle enhancements by Dynomax modify existing components to improve performance, precision and efficiency. Other enhancements include the following: re-designing spindles to increase maximum achievable speeds and stiffness; upgrades made to bearings and lubrication systems to minimize chatter; modifications made to the sealing system to avoid contamination or enhancement to the shaft for easier tooling conversions. With these possibilities in mind, let Dynomax spindle remanufacturing and spindle enhancement services increase your spindle’s abilities.

Use Dynomax for a quick turn and more return.

Retrofit spindles, increasingly popular in today’s “more-from-less” society, make use of the existing infrastructure, ensuring a plug and play solution while enhancing certain performance features to yield an improved spindle. Retrofitting existing spindles enhances their performance capabilities.

Dynomax Spindle Tuning

Often used by companies who are looking to get more from their existing spindle, retrofits offer an affordable alternative to a new spindle. Dynomax will modernize spindle components and upgrade capabilities to meet specific performance objectives.

Dynomax machine tool services (all completed at our in-house facilities) revolve around restoring and improving a spindle's value.