Spindle FAQ Overview

Spindle Applications

Q: What is the difference between a motorized spindle and a belt/gear driven one?

A: The main difference between a motorized spindle and a belt or gear driven spindle is how the spindle gets its power. In a motorized spindle design the spindle motor is mounted directly on the spindle shaft. A belt/gear driven design requires an external motor that must be connected to the spindle via a belt or gear assembly.

Motorized spindles are particularly useful for attaining high speeds while belt/gear driven designs can produce more power and torque.

Q: I need a spindle to mount on a robotic arm. Can Dynomax help?

A: Dynomax has been on the cutting edge of robotic spindle applications from the beginning. In addition to our dedicated spindle line, most existing Dynomax designs can be mounted on robotic machining centers.

If you already have a robot in place, please consult our robotic spindle matrix to see which spindle is right for your situation.

Q: I am an OEM machine builder; can Dynomax help me select a spindle?

A: With an extensive lineup of available spindles and experienced professionals standing by to help, Dynomax is your one stop spindle solution. Whether you're looking for a new, clean sheet design or just a slight modification to an existing Dynomax spindle, we can help.


Q: What is HSK tooling?

A: HSK (the German abbreviation for "hollow shank tooling") is the newest and most advanced machine tooling option available. Developed in response to increased demand for high speed capable tooling in the automotive and aerospace industries, HSK offers greater accuracy and repeatability, as well as reduced weight and tool change cycle times.

Q: Automatic tool change or manual?

A: When deciding between manual and automatic tool change, the spindle's application must be considered. Manual tool change is a more basic option that requires an operator to loosen the current tool, remove it from the spindle, insert the new tool, and then secure the tool in the spindle. For applications that only require one or two tools, manual tool change can provide a cost effective solution.

Either pneumatically or hydraulically powered, automatic tool change is a more advanced option that allows for complex machining operations which require many tool changes in rapid succession and without human intervention. Adding automatic tool change capability to a spindle can be a powerful time and money saving option.

Spindle Accessories

Q: How do I know which spindle accessories are right for me?

A: When it comes to spindle accessories there are many options available. It is important to match your spindle with the proper accessories to make sure you get the most from your investment. At Dynomax, we have the spindle knowledge and experience to match each spindle with the perfect complement of accessories to minimize downtime, increase productivity and maximize profitability.

Q: What is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and do I need one?

A: Variable frequency drives (VFD's) are also known as adjustable-frequency drives (AFD), variable-speed drives (VSD), AC drives, microdrives, or inverter drives. When paired with the proper spindle motor, a VFD allows for virtually infinite speed selection and spindle control.

A VFD can also generate higher speeds from existing spindles. For example, a spindle with a maximum speed of 3,600 rpm could be increased to as much as 7,200 rpm. VFD's can also provide spindle protection from unwanted power interruptions and spindle overloads.

Q: What is a chiller and do I need one?

A: Heat is the number one enemy of machine tools. Since the spindle is one of the primary sources of heat in a machine, it is critical to remove as much heat as possible to maintain accuracy and prolong spindle life. A chiller cools the spindle by circulating coolant liquid through a jacket around the outside of the stator housing where heat is the greatest. Liquid chillers are the most effective cooling solution and the most economical over time. Another option for spindle cooling involves the use of air. In this method, cool air is circulated around the spindle stator by means of a vortex generator. This method is generally less cost intensive, however it is only viable for spindles 3 HP and under.

Dynomax Procedures

Q: I'm interested in a new spindle, what should I do now?

A: Our website contains a wealth of information to help you determine which spindle is best for your situation. Visit our innovative spindle creator to build a spindle that fits your specific needs. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, or if you need more assistance, please call us at 847.680.8833 and our knowledgeable sales associates will gladly help you find the perfect spindle solution. Dynomax now has coast-to-coast local representation. Please consult our map to contact our representative in your area.

Q: I'm interested in sending in my broken spindle for repair; what should I do now?

A: At Dynomax we know that when your spindle is down, time is money. That's why we have made our spindle repair process as streamlined and painless as possible. Simply package your spindle and include our easy to complete incoming spindle form in the box. This will give our repair department all the information they need to get your spindle back to OEM specifications. Upon receipt, our technicians will immediately begin the breakdown process to generate an accurate quote as soon as possible.

Please ship all spindles to Dynomax at: 1535 Abbott Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090, attn: Wayne Domke.

Q: Is there anything I should know as a first time customers?

A: Terms for all new spindle orders are 50% down and the balance due prior to shipment. These terms are not a reflection of a company's credit worthiness, and apply to all first time Dynomax customers. Terms for spindle repairs are prepay for new customers. Work will progress on your spindle before payment is received, however it cannot ship until payment arrives.

For consideration of more favorable terms on future orders, simply send your credit references along with a completed credit application form to our accounting department at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) attention Linda, or call 847.680.8833. Dynomax is always interested in creating and maintaining long term business relationships.