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Speed - 3,600 rpm
Power - 1.5 HP * 1.1 kW
Torque - 77.53 lb/in @ 3,600 rpm
Tooling - 1:4 Grinding Taper
Highlights - Our most popular grinding spindle. An all around workhorse, available in 1-4 HP. Easily customizable to fit existing machines.
Weight - 60 lbs

The most popular Dynomax spindle ever. The venerable 002 model is back and better than ever with a new high performance motor enhancement. Designed to be a drop in replacement for all types of grinding equipment this spindle performs at or above original factory specifications.

A simple yet robust design ensures long lasting performance and precision with minimal downtime. Fitted with a standard 3.000 TPF grinding wheel adaptor the 002's strong suit is grinding, but with a slightly different tool holding fixture, can perform drilling, milling, facing, and more.

When you need a workhorse spindle that performs day after day in shops around the globe, look no further than the Dynomax, 002.