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Speed - 1,800 rpm (4 Pole Motor)
Power - 3.0 HP * 2.2 kW
Torque - 299.86 lb/in @ 1,800 rpm
Tooling - HSK-C50, Manual Tool Change
Highlights - Larger spindle model with increased bearing size to accommodate larger HSK tooling.
Weight - 70 lbs

A workhorse spindle in all aspects, the 0558 is a foot mounted, torque generating machine supplying an amazing 299.86 lb/in's at 1,800 rpm. The 0558 comes standard with a 4 pole motor to generate more torque with a lower maximum speed, but it also available in a 2 pole option with less torque and a 3,600 rpm maximum speed.

The 0558 features larger nose end bearings that enable it to support HSK-C50 manual tooling for increased precision and repeatability. Weighing in at 70 lbs, this spindle can be used in many mounting positions, including robotic applications. This spindle is perfect for all types of grinding, milling, boring, turning, facing and drilling applications.