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Speed - 18,000 rpm
Power - 27 HP * 20 kW
Torque - 11.06 lb/in @ 17,700 rpm
Tooling - HSK-63A, Automatic Tool Change
Highlights - What the pro's use. Been running flawlessly in our machines for 3 years.
Weight - 225 lbs

Power and precision perfectly combine to create the Dynomax model H810993. An integral part of our high-speed series, the H810993 includes ceramic bearings for increased top end speed, HSK-63A automatic tool change capability, and an easily mountable cartridge style design.

Featuring a triplex set of hybrid ceramic bearings the H810993 provides unmatched precision and finish. Even when paired with a rugged 27 HP motor, the H810993 easily runs to speeds up to 18,000 rpm. Proven to outlast and outperform other spindles in its class, the H810993 is a powerful, yet versatile machine tool spindle.