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Speed - 18,000 rpm max.
Power - 7.0 HP * 1.4 kW
Torque - 23.45 lb/in @ 18,000 rpm
Tooling - HSK-E32, Automatic Tool Change
Highlights - Lightweight construction, ideal for robotic applications. Ceramic bearings provide increased speed ability while air-cooling minimizes weight and complexity. *VFD required.
Weight - 48 lbs

A member of the Dynomax high speed series, the model H811257A is at the forefront of spindle design. Equipped with a powerful, yet compact 7 HP motor that churns out an amazing 21.15 lb/in's of torque at 18,000 rpm the H811257A will far exceed any expectations.

Including all the latest in spindle technology, the H811257A is loaded with features such as automatic tool change, HSK-E32 tooling, ceramic hybrid bearings, and a high-tech design that reduces weight and increases convective cooling.

The H811257A weighs in at a meager 48 lbs which makes it an ideal candidate for robotic mounting options. This spindle excels at milling, drilling, boring, and more!