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Speed - 40,000 rpm
Power - 2.5 HP * 1.8 kW
Torque - 3.89 lb/in @ 40,000 rpm
Tooling - EX 20 Collet
Highlights - Compact, high-speed spindle. Ideally suited for drilling, deburring and light milling operations.
Weight - 13 lbs

When it comes to providing very high speeds with low torque, the Dynomax 1860 spindle delivers. Weighing in at a mere 13 lbs while measuring only 3'' in total diameter, the 1860's sleek and compact design provides maximum flexibility when integrating into a new machine or robotic machining center.

Achieving speeds of up to 40,000 rpm the 1860 spindle ideal for all types of light milling, deburring, and drilling operations. Designed around the popular ER/EX-20 collet tool holding system, the 1860 can easily be integrated into existing tooling arrays while providing unmatched reliability and precision.