Modular Spindle Components

Dynomax matches your spindle components with your application.

When designing a new spindle, Dynomax engineers find the exact combination of machine components to meet customer requirements. Each component is carefully selected based on the benefits and limitations each offer, requirements (such as speed), available space, and maximum stiffness. These will determine the final new spindle design.

The following is a brief overview of some of the considerations that effect precision spindle design:


Bearings are important in spindle design because they dictate many performance factors. When designing new spindles, Dynomax chooses the bearing(s) that optimize spindle performance. Some of the design considerations include…

  • Required maximum speed
  • Required stiffness
  • Preferred lubrication method


When Dynomax designs custom spindles, the housing typically relies on other spindle characteristics. Housings can be either totally or partially enclosed, which is determined by elements such as the bearings, shaft, motor, and/or lubrication system



A spindle's style (integral motor, belt-driven or gear-driven) plays a significant role in the driving characteristics achievable with a precision spindle. When determining which style will optimize performance, Dynomax considers the following:

  • Required spindle power
  • Required speed
  • Required torque
  • Available space


The shaft, the component that transfers power to the cutting tool as well as locates the bearings and tooling system, is another important design element. When designing a new spindle shaft, engineers must consider the following:

  • Allowable bend
  • Required loading factors
  • Required loading factors


Essential to any spindle is the motor. When designing a new spindle, the motor can be external or internal depending on the spindles style. Each has its own benefits and limitations, so spindle designers must consider the following when choosing the ideal motor:

  • Required power
  • Required speed
  • Required torque
  • Available space
  • Possible interaction with chiller & VFD

Other Components

In addition to the basic design features, Dynomax engineers work with a variety of subcomponents that are used to improve a spindle’s life, performance and reliability. Experienced in designing spindles, engineers are able to enhance designs with seals, ceramic bearings, air purge options, drawbar upgrades, drives and more