Sizing Your Spindle for Your Application

Follow These Guidelines

In order to ensure a long and dependable spindle life, consider the following when determining your spindle sizing requirements:

  • 1. Select the largest spindle that will fit your particular space and speed requirements. This ensures maximum spindle stiffness and longest life.
  • 2. Keep tool overhang to a minimum. Bearing loads increase and spindle stiffness decreases as you move further from the spindle bearings
  • 3. Verify the spindle front bearing bore is approximately as large as or larger than the diameter of the hole being machined.
  • 4. Keep within the maximum torque rating. This will minimize any shaft or bearing loading and premature spindle failure.
  • 5. Consider the spindle environment; conditions play a role in design. For example, deflector covers are recommended when heavy coolant is used.
  • 6. Specify the correct bearing arrangement. Most radial loaded applications use a bearing pair at the nose end. High axial loads, combination axial and radial loading, and heavy or interrupted cuts use a triplex bearing set at the nose end.
  • 7. If you are unsure of exactly what you need, please call 847.680.8833 and we will assist you in selecting a spindle.

For detailed sizing information, refer to our Documentation Section to determine your spindle requirements based on your operations.

Dynomax engineers are always here to help. Call 847.680.8833 or complete a Spindle Spec Form and we will take care of the rest!

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