Pick a Spindle, Any Spindle.

When it comes to precision machine spindles, Dynomax has you covered. Offering more than 500 standard spindles in both belt driven and motorized designs, Dynomax is dedicated to the design, manufacturing and service of spindles.

Any Application, Any Job

Block Spindles

Dynomax Block spindles are the first choice when you need a high-quality belt or gear driven spindle solution. Our most basic spindle style is perfect for many applications from milling and drilling to turning and boring. Block spindles offer a variety of power and torque combinations through the use of various motor options. When cost is a factor, block spindles allow for precision performance at value pricing.


Cartridge Spindles

A versatile member of the Dynomax family, our cartridge spindles offer all the benefits of a block spindle in a compact package that can be easily adapted into an existing machine. This modular design allows for a quick and painless spindle change-out procedure with no need to remove any large, expensive mounting options from the machine. It’s as easy as plug and play.


Standard Motorized Spindles

Many of our most popular models include standard motorized spindles. Ranging from 1,500 rpm to 7,200 rpm, these workhorse spindles perform in many applications, including grinding and robotic, and can run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Combining the spindle and motor in one sealed unit provides higher accuracy, torque and reliability. With several mounting options available, a Dynomax standard motorized spindle can be easily integrated into any environment.


Specialty Spindles

From wheel dressers to dynamometers, Dynomax has engineered solutions for an entire range of spindle applications. There are countless possibilities to be created. Contact us today to see how Dynomax can help you solve your complicated engineering projects with ease.


High Speed Motorized Spindles

A Dynomax specialty, our high speed motorized spindles offer the highest form of performance and precision available on the market. Offering speeds up to 50,000 rpm and run-outs as low as 2 microns, Dynomax high speed spindles perform where others fail. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Dynomax high-speed spindles represent the pinnacle of spindle technology.